North Okanagan Vernon Gleaners

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Gleaners Symposium - Vernon 2018

Gleaners throughout Canada are coming together in Vernon, BC to take part in a Gleaners Symposium to connect and discuss best practices, unity, and growth... with a goal of achieving 100 Million meals for the hungry in the near future!

Cabbage Patch - Natural Factors

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This singing Food Ministry Volunteers group comes to the North Okanagan Valley Gleaners' plant in Lavington for a mixture of fun, work and vacation.

North Okanagan Valley Gleaners 2018

The North Okanagan Gleaners start 2018 with a video that shares a glimpse of what to expect in this upcoming year. Topics include updates from the ministries of Food Aid, Medical Aid and Furniture Aid, as well as updates on issues such as: Volunteers, Social Media, and others.