North Okanagan Vernon Gleaners

Learn - Medical Aid

Who benefits from the Medical Aid ministry?
North Okanagan Gleaners sends medical supplies and equipment to developing countries.
types of medical equipment are gathered?

NOV Gleaners collects and ships a wide variety of supplies: including linens, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and expired medical consumables such as bandages, compresses  and dressings.
Where do the medical supplies come from?
Supplies and equipment are donated privately, through clinics, care homes and hospitals.
Why ship old supplies around the globe?
The equipment and supplies may be superseded by new technology here in North America, yet is still perfectly acceptable in other parts of the globe.  In most cases, areas that receive these medical shipments simply do not have the supplies available in any other way.
How does the equipment get cleaned and packaged?
Equipment is generally already cleaned and sterile when donated and is in good working order.  The exception is with wheelchairs which are sent away for refurbishment before going overseas.
When do donations come in?
Donations are received year round, and there are scheduled pickups from clinics, care homes and hospitals.  Budget year-end at hospitals tend to be busy times though, when there are increased amounts of equipment replacements and planned phasing-out of older equipment.
Why not use these donations for domestic needs within North America?
Some equipment is deemed no longer suitable for use in first-world countries, are mandated to be sent overseas by industry manufacturing regulations.  In any case, the supplies and equipment are welcomed by those receiving them.

Volunteer - Medical Aid

Who can volunteer in the medical equipment ministry?
Volunteers of all ages and walks of life are gratefully utilized in a number of roles.
What types of jobs or tasks need to be done?
From light duties such as sorting and folding to lifting and packaging, there are a wide variety of tasks and jobs to do in this ministry.
Where do the volunteers work with the equipment and where is it stored?
The North Okanagan Gleaners plant/warehouse is where all the donated equipment comes to be stored, sorted and packaged.
Why do people volunteer with the medical equipment ministry?
The volunteers want to help others who are in need.  In some cases, the volunteers have a medical service background, and want to utilize their skills.

Donate - Medical Aid

Who receives the donated medical aid supplies?
Overseas non-profit organizations are encouraged to fill out applications for the medical equipment and supplies.  Application forms can be found HERE.
What types of donated medical equipment are needed?
Donations of every kind are warmly received, which include linens, wheelchairs, walkers, expired medical consumables such as bandages, compresses  and dressings, and hospital beds.
Where do the medical donations get shipped to?
The majority of medical supplies and equipment are generally sent to African countries, such as Rwanda, Morocco, and Cameroon.
Why donate surplus or unwanted medical gear to NOV Gleaners?
Organizations that receive the medical aid generally have few (if any) other ways of obtaining these essential supplies.
How should the donated equipment be sent?
Donors simply need to contact North Okanagan Valley Gleaners, and we can discuss the best way of packaging, transporting and receiving the donated equipment and supplies.
When is donated equipment needed throughout the year?
The need for medical supplies is year-round, and donors are encouraged to contact the organization whenever the opportunity for donations arises.  If there are seasonal or annual considerations, we can plan ahead together with our donors.

How to apply for Medical Equipment

From crutches to hospital beds, we are blessed to be able to provide a wide assortment of medical equipment and supplies to Christian humanitarian aid organizations. Pickup by our volunteers can be arranged. Please e-mail us or call the plant number for details. Please complete the application form.  Note that aid is provided:

a) if equipment is on hand,
b) your application is approved, and
c) you agree to pay all costs for pickup and shipment to the destination.