North Okanagan Vernon Gleaners

Food Aid

Who can donate food?
Farmers, food distributors, grocers, and individuals all are welcome to donate to the cause of NOV Gleaners.
What foods are needed?
Any vegetables that can be dehydrated and added to soup are needed: potatoes, beets, onions, garlic, broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, rutabagas, celery, peas, beans, etc. We also have the capability to process frozen or canned vegetables.  For fruit, we are limited by equipment and capacity to only handle apples and pears.
How much food is needed?
From cases to truck loads, NOV Gleaners can handle almost any amount of food donated.  Our two coolers can store a vast amount of raw or frozen produce.
Who do I contact to donate?
Interested in donating? Please contact the processing plant at 250-558-5872 or email [email protected]
How often do donations come in?
Donations are seasonal with the harvests, so most of our food arrives in the summer and fall.  However, throughout the year we also regularly receive frozen vegetables as well as root vegetable.
Where do donations come from?
Food is donated by farmers, food retailers, food distributors, and individuals.  In many cases there is a local surplus or storage issue that makes a lot of produce available in a short period of time.  Unmarketable produce (size, shape, colour, low quality) is also received. Rather than letting food go to waste, NOV Gleaners makes it into much-needed meals.
Why should people donate food?
Many countries around the world do not have the advantages of abundant food production that North America enjoys.  Through the efforts of NOV Gleaners, surplus produce can be turned into life-saving meals, and your donation can go towards improving the lives of those who have few alternatives.

Medical Aid

Who receives the donated medical aid supplies?
Overseas non-profit organizations are encouraged to fill out applications for the medical equipment and supplies.  Application forms can be found HERE (link to application)
What types of donated medical equipment are needed?
Donations of every kind are warmly received, which include linens, wheelchairs, walkers, expired medical consumables such as bandages, compresses  and dressings, and hospital beds.
Where do the medical donations get shipped to?
The majority of medical supplies and equipment are generally sent to African countries, such as Rwanda, Morocco, and Cameroon.
Why donate surplus or unwanted medical gear to NOV Gleaners?
Organizations that receive the medical aid generally have few (if any) other ways of obtaining these essential supplies.
How should the donated equipment be sent?
Donors simply need to contact North Okanagan Gleaners, and we can discuss the best way of packaging, transporting and receiving the donated equipment and supplies.
When is donated equipment needed throughout the year?
The need for medical supplies is year-round, and donors are encouraged to contact the organization whenever the opportunity for donations arises.  If there are seasonal or annual considerations, we can plan ahead together with our donors.

Furniture & Appliances

How do I donate my furniture and appliances?
We have several ways to receive your donation.  For single items we ask for you to bring it directly to the store. 
For large items or multiple items, call us at 250-549-1123 for us to organize pick-up or click HERE (link to form) to fill out a form.   Please be patient, as our schedule is often up to 3 weeks delayed as we have several areas of the North Okanagan to pick up. 
What condition of items are required?
We accept all sorts of furniture relative to salability.  We often need to actually see the item for determination.  Clean quality furniture that is not worn is a wonderful thing to have donated but this isn’t always reality.   For example, if a chest is worn out and full of rocks we will have to refuse it. However, if it is full of gold we will be happy to receive it!
How do I know if the donation will be accepted, before I transport it there?
Pictures are a wonderful thing for us…and you… to communicate the condition of your donation items.  They allow us to understand what you are desiring to donate and can give us a chance to determine if it is sellable.  Please be aware that final determination happens at the store as we can’t see the whole picture from a picture, if you can smell what I’m saying.
When are donations needed throughout the year?
Usually we can accommodate donations year-round, but sometimes we need to ask, “How full are we? How long will it take to sell?”
What types of furniture and appliance donations are needed?
We look for all sorts of larger items in the house.  We do not accept renovation items or smaller knick-knacks.